Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds

 Deposit Holders Wait List

This list has been updated on 9/2/2020.  

While our wait list may look long...keep in mind not everyone on this list wants the same color, pattern & coat type.  I am often asked how long is the wait for one of your puppies?  I wish it was an easy answer and I wish I could simply say "soon!  The reality is with the Covid 19 Pandemic  impacting the work force, many people are staying home or working from home.  Because of this, puppy requests have skyrocketed.  Whether it be because families need a distraction or they feel it is a good time to train a puppy, many breeders I know have an extensive waiting list.  With that being said, it could be up into next year before I would have puppies for new deposit holders.  This is especially the case with puppies that are females, dapples or cream colored.  

Puppy Application