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Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds

About Our Puppies & Litters

 Updated 11/11/2021

At Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds in Corryton, Tennessee, we assure you that all of our puppies are guaranteed healthy and well socialized. They are all born in our home and will go to their new families with  age-appropriate vaccines and worming at 8 weeks.  

All puppies are seen by our veterinarian, Dr. Brady with Blaine Veterinarian Clinic as well.

A puppy pack, which contains their registration paperwork, a blanket, a toy, a food sample, a supplement sample, and other goodies is also included.

 All of our puppies are purebred, and all litters are AKC- and/or CKC-registered. 

Please note: I cannot guarantee pregnancy , nor gender/color/ pattern  of puppies in any litter. That is up to God!
I also reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litters.

 If you do not see the puppy you want on this page, or you like one that is already adopted, 

chances are we will have what you are looking for in a future litter.  

All our puppies get homed from our Deposit Holders Wait List ONLY!

Our puppy application must be filled out to be a member of our Deposit Holders Wait List  along with a $200 non refundable deposit.

Our wait time is estimated to be 18-24 months for a female, any black & tan, any cream longhair.   

If you want a male, and are flexible with color/pattern/coat the wait time could be 4-12 months

You can find our puppy application here.

I would like to announce that after a great deal of thought and discussion both with my business partner Terry Rose and my husband, we have decided to pause taking puppy applications and deposit as of March 1, 2021. It is very important to me that I don't disappoint any of my families who are relying on me to provide them with the perfect puppy. Most of all, I am a person of integrity and I do not want to make promises I can't keep.

In talking with other breeder friends, we are all having a high increase in the number of calls, emails and text from all across the country from families inquiring about puppies. We can only contribute this to the current pandemic of Covid-19. It makes sense as most people are working from home, staying in and consider this a prime time to add a puppy to their family.

With all that being said, I have my puppy application still up on my website. We will take new applications until midnight on Feb 28, 2021. Please understand however it will be a 12 - 18 month wait on a puppy from us. If you are already on our wait list, please be assured we will contact you asap when we have a puppy available for you. We still have a full 2021 breeding plan with lots of litters coming. If you have submitted an application or want to in the next few days, we will still review it and reach out to you.

We do plan to review and discuss our option of reopening our wait list in the fall. Until then, please know we are working hard here to produce the best little doxies for our families that we can! We appreciate your understanding.

How Does Our Adoption Process Work?

We encourage potential puppy families to fill out our puppy application .  I am available to speak to  you by phone, email or text before a deposit is placed.   We want to insure our puppies go to loving safe forever family homes.

Once the puppy application is received, reviewed and approved, a $200 non refundable deposit  must be placed before your name will be added to our deposit holders list.   Your deposit never expires until you get a puppy and the deposit amount does apply toward your final adoption price.

Our price list is posted on another page of this website.

I begin calling deposit holders in deposit received date order based on the puppies I have available compared to the preferences indicated on the applications (gender/color/pattern/coat).  This is done when the puppies are 4 to 5 weeks old.

When a deposit holder accepts a puppy as the one they want, that puppy is reserved for their family and will be noted as adopted on our website and Facebook page. They will then be able to get access to our puppy cam to watch their puppy grow and play until their go home day.  Puppies go to new families between the ages of 8-10 weeks.  The balance due of puppy purchase price (less deposit amount) must be made in cash at pickup.  No exceptions!

 If a deposit holder declines a puppy, that is perfectly fine.  They will remain on the deposit holders list in the exact placement they were, to be called with the next available puppy that meets their specifications.

 If for some reason a family cannot get a puppy they had previously selected, that puppy will become available again and I will again contact deposit holders next on the list.  

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Click to Add Title

Puppy Price List 


We support those who serve! 

We offer a discount of $50 to all active and retired members of the military as well as all active firefighters and police.

Deposit Holders Wait List

ALL our puppies are placed with our Deposit Holders Only. None of the puppies shown below are available. 

Our Wait list is currently closed due to increase demand for puppies. Our wait time is 18 to 24 months.  

We will review the option to open the wait list this fall.

Other Upcoming Litters

I cannot guarantee heats, pregnancy , nor color / pattern or sex of  puppies in any litter.  That is up to the good Lord above!!  

Heat cycles last aprox 2 weeks.  Average pregnancy lasts 63 days. Puppies leave at 8 weeks old.  It is 4 month process from breeding to puppies ready to leave .

S = Smooth, LH = Longhair .  W = Wire  Coat length is determined at 3 weeks of age.  Wire litters will be 6 weeks

LH to LH always results in LH. S to S does NOT always result in S as it depends if parent carries for LH.

Other 2021 Pairings We have planned - Subject to change. 

Status/Name /Probable Sire