Updated 4/06/2020-We don't have any available puppies at this time. All our puppies get homed from our Deposit Holders Wait List. Right now, it would probably be this winter or Spring 2021 before I could have any puppies available to new deposit holders. Our list does require a $200 non refundable deposit (it does apply to the cost of the puppy and never expires). If you would like to fill out our puppy application to begin the process of adopting one of our puppies, please click on the below link. ​

Puppy Application

Updated 5/30/2020

At Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds in Corryton, Tennessee, we assure you that all of our puppies are guaranteed healthy and well socialized. They are born in our home and will come with age-appropriate vaccines and worming before going home with their new family.

They also come with a puppy pack, which contains their registration paperwork, a blanket, a toy, a food sample, a supplement sample, and other goodies. All of our puppies are purebred, and all litters are CKC- and/or AKC-registered. We have all the parents on-site to prove their lineage and they will come with their pedigree (family tree).

We require our puppy application / questionnaire to be filled out and approved before a $200 nonrefundable deposit is placed to hold puppies until they are weaned and ready to leave at 8 weeks of age.  If you do not see the puppy you want on this page, or you like one that is already adopted, chances are we will have what you are looking for in a future litter.  In those cases, we do have wait lists options.  

Deposits never expire until you get the puppy you want! 

Please contact us about placing a deposit and/or being added to our waiting list! 

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How Does Our Adoption Process Work?

We encourage potential puppy families to fill out our puppy application and to speak with us by phone or text before a deposit is placed. We want to insure our puppies go to loving safe family homes.

Once the questionnaire is reviewed and approved, a deposit may be placed and your name will be added to our deposit holders list.   When a litter of puppies are 3 weeks old, I begin calling deposit holders according to the date the deposits are placed and according to what they have specified they are interested in on their application (gender/color/pattern).  When a deposit holder accepts a puppy as the one they want, that puppy is reserved for their family and will be noted as adopted on our website and Facebook page. The deposit money goes towards the price of your puppy. If a deposit holder does not accept a puppy in that litter, they will remain on the deposit holders list until the next litter turns 3 weeks old and so on and so forth.  If for some reason a family cannot get a puppy they had previously selected, that puppy will become available and I will again contact deposit holders next on the list.  This system seems to have worked so far.


Once a deposit is placed on a specific puppy, you will be required to read and sign our contract. expectation sheet and spay/neuter agreement.

You will be able to view your puppy on our live puppy cam once they turn 4 weeks old!  When your puppy turns 8 weeks old, he/she will be available for you to pick up.  The balance due of puppy purchase price will be required in cash at that time.


We support those who serve! 

We offer a discount of $50 to all active and retired members of the military as well as all active firefighters and police.

Lovey's litter - 3 weeks old

Lovey and Archie had 5 beautiful babies.  All are smooth coat.  

Dark Mahogany (red) Brindle Male -Adopted

Shaded Red Male - Adopted

Shaded Red Piebald Male -Adopted

Black & Tan Piebald Female (mostly black) - Adopted

Black & Tan Piebald Female (heavy ticking) -Adopted

Brooklyn's litter - 3 weeks old

Brooklyn & Rio had 4 beautiful babies.  All are smooth coat.  

Chocolate & tan Piebald Female - Adopted

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Piebald Male w/ Blue Eyes - Adopted

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Piebald Female w/ Blue Eyes &  kinked tail Adopted

Chocolate & Tan Female w/ Blue Eyes - Adopted

Other Upcoming Litters

I cannot guarantee heats, pregnancy , nor color / pattern or sex of  puppies in any litter.  That is up to the good Lord above!!  

Heat cycles last aprox 2 weeks.  Average pregnancy lasts 63 days. Puppies leave at 8 weeks old.  It is 4 month process from breeding to puppies ready to leave .

S = Smooth, LH = Longhair .  W = Wire  Coat length is determined at 3 weeks of age.  Wire litters will be 6 weeks

LH to LH always results in LH. S to S does NOT always result in S as it depends if parent carries for LH.


Heat expected in June

Cream Piebald Longhair

Josey to Lincoln 

Heat expected in June

Red based Isabella S to Isabella & tan S

This will be a CKC litter


Heat expected in June

Isabella & Tan


Heat expected in July

Black & Tan Dapple Wire


Heat expected in July

Black & Tan Wire


Heat expected in August

Red Longhair

Lovey to Duke

Heat expected in Aug/ Sept

Red Smooth/carries brindle to Cream Brindle LH

Annie to Freddie

Heat expected in August

Red LHto Shaded Red LH

Expecting reds and shaded reds. This will be an all LH litter.  AKC


Heat expected in August

Chocolate Longhair


Heat expected in Aug/ Sept

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Piebald


Heat expected in Sept

Black & Tan Dapple Longhair


Heat expected in September

Blue & Tan Dapple Piebald


Heat expected in September

Black Longhair


Heat expected in September

Cream Longhair


Live Stream Puppy Cam

As an added "perk" our puppy parents are able to log onto our live stream puppy camera and view their puppy anytime they want on their smartphone or tablet. It just requires an app download and for me to send an invitation to view the feed.   Cameras are turned on for puppy parents when puppies turn 4 weeks old.