Taking your Puppy Home

My Top Suggestions

Bringing a puppy into your home is a big deal. Let's face it, It's almost like bringing home a human baby. Being as prepared as possible seems like a good idea right? It's not only my job as your breeder to make sure your puppy is as healthy and well adjusted as possible before you take him home but also to insure you have the tools for his success after he leaves. Of course I am always available if you have questions or concerns!

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"Perhaps the single most important thing you can buy for your puppy"

Order NuVet ASAP before your puppy comes home. This supplement is already been given to your puppy on a daily basis. It is very important for his immune health to keep him on this product. Learn more about this product here!

Our Puppy Go Home Packs

Here at Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds you will receive an extensive starter pack for your puppy.  You will receive a blanket (rubbed on Momma and litter mates so your puppy has their scent), a sample of Victor puppy food, a sample of NuVet, a toy, teething treat, your puppy's registration application, health record and other helpful information.

My Top Suggested TO DO

  • Baby Proofing : Just like you would baby proof your home for a toddler, so should you for your new puppy. Anything on the floor is fair game! Puppy's like to chew. Please make sure all electric cords are not where puppies can get to them.
  • Make a Plan: Since things can be pretty chaotic and exciting when you bring your puppy home, decide beforehand things like when your puppy will eat, where he will potty and where he will sleep. This will alleviate confusion as you will already know what the plans are for your puppy. If you have children, make sure they know the plan as well.
  • Contact your vet: Go ahead and contact your vet or find one to take your puppy to. Make an appointment to take your puppy in for his well baby check within 3 days of bringing him home as per the requirement in your contract.


We use Victor Puppy & Active Dog but really any HIGH quality puppy food will do. If picky, add a wet (canned) puppy food mixed in to encourage him to eat.  Please keep him on puppy food for at least a year for healthy development. 


It is very important to have an exercise pen and/or crate with a bed to safely contain your puppy when your not home or otherwise occupied.  Make sure your puppy always has access to fresh water.


Don't forget to have a collar, leash and identification tag for your new little one.   A gentle puppy shampoo, brush and nail trimmers are must haves as well.  I do suggest buying heavy duty food and water bowls that cannot be easily turned over. and spilled.  


Toys Toys & More Toys!  Puppies love to play! Choose high quality TOUGH toys that are made to last through a puppy's teething stage. Bright colors with different textures and sounds engage your puppies inquisitiveness. And don't forget those training treats! ;-)