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Deposit Holders and General Wait List

Updated 3/13/19 

Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds has two types of wait lists: a deposit holder wait list and a general wait list. Adoptive families have a choice of putting a deposit down for a puppy’s specific type, like sex, color, pattern, or coat, or be included in a general wait list where no deposit has been made.

Deposit holders get priority over those in the general wait list. Also, we (Whispering Pines Farm Miniature Dachshunds) get the first pick of any and all litters.

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Contact us in Corryton, Tennessee if you wish to be added to either of these lists. Only the first name and the initials of the last name along with the request will be shown. All personal information will be kept confidential on our master list.

I cannot guarantee pregnancy , nor color / pattern or sex of puppies in any litter. That is up to God!

Please review our price list before placing a deposit on a puppy. 

We must have the deposit holder’s name, address, email address, and two valid phone numbers when deposit is placed.

Deposit Holders List

Deposits have been made

In no particular order

      • Toni J.
      • Deadre M.
      • Molly M.
      • Kristin F.

      • Kim S.
      • Devon T
      • Michelle P.
      • Tammy C.

      • Jane B.
      • Tracy D.
      • Janice B.

    • Danelle G.
    • Robert D.
    • Rachelle DG.

General Wait List

(In no particular order and for no specific litter no deposit received)

  • Paul H. - Female Longhair
  • Connie S. - Choc Dapple Smooth Female
  • Jennifer R. - Female smooth (small)
  • Ashley R. - LH Female Dapple
  • Brooke C. - LH Cream or dapple
  • Laura - Blk & Tan Smooth
  • Deano L = LH Female
  • Bryan S. - Choc or Blk & tan smooth male
  • Icilen K. - Blk & tan LH

  • Sharon M. - Female Smooth Dapple
  • Molissa T. - Choc dapple smooth female
  • Donna C. -  cream, blk or choc & tan female LH or S
  • Kathy M. - any
  • Sharara C. - LH Choc dapple
  • Clara R. - Blk & tan sm female
  • Stacy D. - LH Choc dapple
  • Katherine K. - Red LH
  • Sydney F. - Female 

  • Katie M. - LH Female black nose cream or dapple
  • Sarabeth A. - Smooth dapple or isabella 
  • Joe P. - any
  • Leigh D. - Silver dapple
  • Becky G. - blue & tan smooth male
  • Kandice J. - Blue or isabella 
  • Kayla H. - any
  • Kate W. - Dapple female blue or silver
  • Bea L. - LH cream or dapple

  • Farrah F. - Male smooth piebald
  • Barbie G. - 2 females
  • Kristy R. - any
  • Erin B. - dapple female

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